Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can purchase Otherdeeds on the secondary market on our official Opensea. Please note, if you see NFTs of individual Kodas, resources, or artifacts for sale on Opensea or elsewhere, it’s a scam.

  • There are four requirements to mint in the sale:

    • Impersonators claiming to be involved in a project, tagging people in a post with a link

    • Impersonators DMing people links

    • Fake support accounts phishing for seed phrases

    • Fake airdrops that look legit, but direct people to a scam website

    • Impostor discord servers

    • Fake giveaways asking for personal info, including seed phrase

    The official Twitter account is @OthersideMeta and the official discord is You’ll also see announcements cross-posted from @boredapeyc, @yugalabs, and @animocabrands, as well as on BAYC’s discord at

    Don’t reply to or click on anything from any other accounts, tags, DMs, emails, skywriting, carrier pigeons, anyone. Founders, and mods will not tag nor DM you. And never enter your seed phrase.

    Basically, if it seems too good to be true or it doesn’t come from official accounts, it’s a red flag. You can learn more about keeping your wallets and assets safe here.

  • There is! Come say hello here. The Discord has precautions in place to limit the amount of people who join at once to defend against raids, so if you can’t get in right away, please try again later!

  • Glad you asked. Tweets from the Otherside come from @OthersideMeta.

  • An Otherdeed is your key to the Otherside. Otherdeed holders can participate in prototype builds, demos, and tests that shape the final game design and experience. Every Otherdeed is also a dynamic NFT, built as a collection of elements — from resources to Kodas, and will evolve as you move component pieces around.

  • Every Otherdeed is a dynamic NFT, built as a collection of all of the elements — from resources to Kodas. Rather than a static representation of a piece of land, your Otherdeed is designed to evolve along with what you choose to do in the game.

  • Otherdeed holders help create Otherside by participating in demos, prototype builds, in-person events, and contests. Every interaction you have with Otherside will help it grow — you don’t need any special or technical knowledge. An SDK is a Software Development Kit. Otherside Development Kits give developers the tools they need to build characters, character skins, structures, in-game items, and minigames for Otherside.

  • No. If you would like to join the ODK program, please let us know here.

    • 10,000 are for BAYC claim for the Biogenic Swamp at the center of the Otherside

    • 20,000 are for MAYC claim for the Chemical Goo on the outskirts of the swamp

    • 55,000 are for purchase with ApeCoin for the Rainbow Atmos, Cosmic Dream, and Infinite Expanse

    • 15,000 are for Yuga and other project developers for the Rainbow Atmos, Cosmic Dream, and Infinite Expanse

  • Your Otherdeed notes some of the special things on your dynamic NFT. You can learn more about what they mean here, but their true potential can only be revealed with time.

  • We got you — head to Discord or send us an email at [email protected].